A platform that unlocks the power of unified action

Users commit to a real-world action along with a critical mass of other people, and then follow-through afterward with a photo check-in. Since 2017, it has successfully executed 70+ movements supporting art, behavior change, political action, well-being and social impact.


  • Junilyn Maravilla

    Junilyn Maravilla

    Outreach Coordinator

  • Vanessa Teker

    Vanessa Teker

    Outreach Coordinator

  • Vandana Bhardwaj

    Vandana Bhardwaj

    Design Lead

  • Halil Bilir

    Halil Bilir

    Tech Lead

  • Chetan Nandakumar

    Chetan Nandakumar



We take data privacy very seriously and we’d love to implement this app on the blockchain so that you own your data. We’re actively monitoring this space and will transition once the technology matures enough to make it more feasible. Until then, we’re ensuring that we’re doing everything to protect your data. Our privacy policy ensures that we will never sell, rent, lease or give away your personal information (name, phone number, etc.) to any third party.

Phone number is used for account creation for 2 reasons:

First It becomes harder for hackers and bad actors to infiltrate our systems (as they’ve done on other social platforms)
Second It provides a password-free way to link your account across the Unifyre app, our Facebook chatbot and SMS chatbot.