Crowd Powered Behavior Change

How it works

Unifyre uses the power of the crowd for individual and collective behavior change. Our unique insight is that people will take real-world action that benefits themselves and their communities when they know they're not alone.

Brands and non-profits create crowd action campaigns where participants take action, submit photo proof (verified by AI), and earn a reward if a threshold of others also follow-through. Here's a walkthrough:


Sign-up to a crowd action campaign that inspires you by texting an SMS short code (no app required).


Text back an image/video showing follow-through on the action. We'll verify it through AI and human review.


Each campaign has a participation goal and if it's reached, everyone earns a reward!

We'll be launching exciting campaigns in the coming months, and would love you to join us on this journey. Sign-up to our mailing list to receive updates: